Postponed: Changes to NHS Data Sharing

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UPDATE: As of 19th July 2021, NHS Digital have moved away from the deadline of 1st September. No date has been set for when these changes will be enforced. Further information can been found on the NHS Digital website.

From 1st September 2021, the NHS will change how it shares your GP medical record. The General Practice Data for Planning and Research data extract by NHS Digital from GP Practices across England will help the NHS to improve health and care services for everyone, by collecting patient data and holding it in a central national database.

This is an upgrade to a similar existing process called GPES (General Practice Extract Service). This new data collection will be more frequent, efficient and effective helping the NHS to:

  1.    monitor the long-term safety and effectiveness of care
  2.    plan how to deliver better health and care services
  3.    prevent the spread of infectious diseases
  4.    identify new treatments and medicines through health research


If you do not want any of your GP data shared with NHS Digital using GPDPR, you will need to register an opt-out with us before 1st September. Please note: you may opt-out after this date but it will only be effective from the date your opt-out is registered.

The following video explains the changes and the opt-out process:

Useful Links

Further information about data sharing can be found on the following websites: NHS data matters, NHS Digital website and medConfidential.